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LEADERS IN MEETING THE NEEDS OF NEW JERSEY skilled nursing and assisted living facilities

Healthcare Collection and Reimbursement Recovery


As a result of established processes and procedures, The Kay Law Firm is able to manage collection cases from inception to full payment, negotiated settlement, or judgment quickly and efficiently.   Our unique ability to assess the merits of individual accounts and to move cases through the court system allows clients to make informed business decisions on how to treat the receivable in its business plan at the earliest possible date.  Focusing our efforts on one industry, we have an advantage over general collection firms that translates to our clients’ increased bottom line.


The Kay Law Firm is instrumental in helping skilled nursing facilities navigate New Jersey’s Medicaid system from the commencement of the application to fair hearing administrative appeals and appellate division appeals.  Clients rely on us to advise them on best practices in addressing the need to obtain Medicaid where the resident and/or their family have failed to make payment for services.  We understand that in a long term care environment, collections are often about avoiding losses for which there will be no source of payment.    We do not believe a facility needs an attorney to file a Medicaid application, but facilities benefit from our knowledge of the substantive Medicaid laws and practical application in New Jersey.  Legal issues often arise in the context of a pending application and our attorneys are able to ensure that applications are timely processed and approved for the earliest eligibility date.  We also intervene in applications to avoid the misapplication of law at the county level so that approval is granted and the need for appeal and further delays in Medicaid payment are avoided.

Bottom line, our strength in the area of Medicaid eligibility maximizes Medicaid dollar receivables.


The Kay Law Firm routinely navigates claim resolutions with Medicare, health insurance companies, and healthcare plan administrators.  This includes filing suit and litigating cases against individuals and health insurance companies in order to secure insurance reimbursement wrongfully denied by the third party provider.